If you are looking for a way to smooth your weekend out, groove magicians Okvsho grant us a stellar jazztronica experience in the form of their 4th project A place between us. A record that's going to caress your soul. The record dropped yesterday and is perfect for anyone who enjoys the sound of acts like Ezra Collective, Kokoroko, and Yussef Dayes.

I picked „Okusho" which refers to the correct pronunciation of their name. I've been admiring the growth of Georg and Christoph over the years and this feels like a great culmination to everything they've been through creatively since starting making music together. Their distinctive style, which has been getting a lot of recognition in recent years, has undergone yet another evolution, blending organic and electronic components with exquisite harmonies and dynamic rhythms.

What I appreciate the most about their new sound is its ability to transform you into a new place, culture, and even era. The psychedelic soul experience oozing out of "Okusho" is just unmatched.

“A place between us is the first step into a new era for us – We’re very grateful for the love and support we received during the past six years and we’ll continue to strive for the better. Thanks for becoming part of our journey.”

A place between us is also the first full-length project to be released on the newly founded Zurich-based label Current Moves. Through this new project, the Okvsho brothers aspire not only to influence but also to be an integral part of the flourishing European jazz scene that fuels their creative inspiration.

posted by Ivo
March 2024