Jazz has a special place in my heart and the UK scene is one of the most excellent sources of mind-blowing music.

Bristol-based Oli Morris, whom I found 2 years ago with his debut release "Bimal", is both a producer & a saxophonist, which gives him a fantastic advantage to melt hearts - and his 3rd-ever single "Equilibrium" is a great example of that.

"Equilibrium" is a reflection of personal struggles over the past few years, and a drive to find a balance along the way. My methods of coping have led me up to this point in the release, and while it always feels terrifying releasing new music I feel like this track is the most honest representation of who I am yet," Oli shares.

The song carries the beautiful melancholy of brass, together with warm keys & delicate guitars, all on top of captivating drum grooves & funky basslines - all done with the help of a bunch of his talented musician friends.

posted by Nasko
May 2023