The poetic song title is intriguing enough on its own, but hit the play button below, and let Oliver Tank soothe you into a trance with his whispered vocal effects. Auto-tune gets a bad rep, and I can honestly understand why. But this song is what it was made for. Gentle synths and swelling strings provide a chill, atmospheric vibe with an element of sexiness. It’s subtle ambiance is the perfect relax with a glass of wine kind of song.

I was excited to hear the Australian producer has a new EP coming out in the next few months. His folktronica is somewhere in the mix of James Blake, Jose Gonzalez and The Postal Service. It would be amazing to hear a collaboration between him and any one of the three! "Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion" is easily my favorite track off the 2011 EP, Dreams, by local Aussie label, Yes Please. Let the mind-blowing dreaminess grab hold of you.

posted by Staff
May 2013