Okay, you're not ready for this.

After a bit of a hiatus, our dear Oscar Jerome is back with something to blow your mind away. "Sweet Isolation" takes a more cinematic & nostalgic direction, as opposed to my favourite jazzy "Gravitate" - but just as beautiful & captivating.

Written by Oscar and produced by long-term collaborator Beni Giles, and with lush saxophone from Blue Lab Beats' Kaidi Akinnibi, the song is a hazy journey through trip-hop, soul & jazz - "exploring themes of masculinity, melancholy, insecurities and everything in between".

The video, shot by his brother in Iceland, shows some of Oscar's different personas.

This track and visual is an exploration into the beauty in melancholy. The first character you encounter is Jerry, back in an easier time. He is happy but somewhat deluded, a warped idolisation of what was. The second character, Ice Guycicle, reflects the art that grows out of deep emotion and the pain experienced on the path to transformation. He could be a real person searching for answers on an alien planet or he could be a thought walking through the barren landscape of your mind.

posted by Nasko
May 2022