Right after you hit the Play button, that sultry saxophone and gentle keys will reel you into “Calm.”  Then you add the steady, hip-hop beat to the mix and you’ve got yourself a chilled jazz-hop track. Not to mention the glistening keys toward the end that add to the dreamy feel of this song.

You might be surprised to find out that the musician and producer of this track, Otis Ubaka, is only 18 years old. He might be young, but he has already dedicated half of his life to playing the sax, starting at age 9 - and it shows. You can really hear the jazz influences in most of his work - they are really what make him stand out from other hip-hop instrumentals. This stellar-smooth sound has gotten him a record deal with the favored beats dealer - Hip Dozer

“Calm.” sounds exactly how you would expect from the track’s title. A wondrous sound perfectly fitting for the slow and serene snowfall outside my window. 

posted by Lora
January 2021