The producer with the most curious name is back.

Pablo Eskobear (named after a misfortunate event in 1985 involving a wild bear, 40 containers of cocaine, and a running smuggler) delivers another fresh Stereofox release - "Brass Class". He elaborates on the name:

It’s always easier to use drum samples as they’re ready to go, sound great and are easy to work with, but recording live drums definitely gives things a different vibe and this song definitely was calling for it, so I went all in. Making my drums sound “vintage”, to fit the oldschool soul vibe that I had going, took a little bit of tinkering with mic placement, vintage console emulators, and filtering, but in the end, I was pretty pumped about the sound. Part-way through making the track I realized I was sampling brass (horns), playing on a brass snare drum and hitting brass cymbals….hence the name.

"Brass Class" was also mastered by our dear Poldoore. Fresh drum groove, bright horns & soulful samples and you've got a summer revolution anthem... or at least something that goes extremely well with sun & beer.

I’ve always been inspired by artists such as Pretty Lights, and Boogie Belgique who take samples from as many different places as possible, mix them with live instruments and gel them together into one cohesive universe. I was really pushing myself in 2 different areas: collecting samples from as many different places as I could, as well as recording all live drums.

Take a brass class on all platforms here.

posted by Nasko
July 2022