In their new single "Fur", Italian duo PALLADIAN bring a live element to their European electronica style. Their backgrounds in architecture seem to influence their sound where they assemble robust foundations of pumping 4x4 kicks, melodic, yet abrasive bass synths, but topped-off with soft and melancholic chords, pads, and samples.

Approaching the production of a new song for us is as motivating as the designing of a building. The harmonious alternation between solids and voids is the key of a balanced song structure as well as in the architecture.

We had the chance to catch up with the guys from PALLADIAN in our recent interview where we got that insight and more, like their general philsophies to music, their recent music video, and their ever-changing live set-up. Check out "Fur" below along with the Edamame edit:

Buy/Stream PALLADIAN's "Fur" everywhere here.

posted by Mike
December 2020