Kicking off my Friday with a post-workout coffee and a groove crafted by Berlin-based lofi trio PanCake featuring mysterious beatmaker Drxnk.

"Bodega" is a ray of sunshine full of groove, brass and hip hop elements... all that, wrapped around a sick-sounding drums.

"Bodega feels like a stroll through Central Park in early summer,” share PanCake, “People gathering outside again, temperatures rising and everybody is just out there meeting people, having a good time. You can feel those positive vibes that this song is creating, almost like a painting of exactly those motives. Having Drxnk on this one really makes it just perfect and fulfills it - a perfect picture."

I've had my ears on them for a while, but hadn't chance to spotlight them on the Fox until today. I find their story quite interesting and it's cool to see a trio in the lofi scene. Besides Soul Food Horns, I can't think of many. They bonded over a shared interest in using vintage studio equipment to record samples and the rest... is history.

"Bodega" is the 4th single from PanCake's forthcoming debut EP Detour scheduled for 23rd of December, so stay tuned for more.

posted by Ivo
November 2022