I have something that will immediately put you in a fresh mood! Crafted by Cardiff-based duo Panta Ray, "Before The Sun" is a cheerful, yet relaxing tune, meant to provide you with a truckload of good vibes.

The duo, consisting of producers Whattsun and Exempt, aims to create a nostalgic yet uplifting feel, and their latest track is a good example of them succeeding to achieve exactly that. Released on the French label Inside Records, "Before The Sun" combines dancefloor-friendly grooves and enchanting vocal sampling. Here's what the producers share on the inspiration behind the track:

The name comes from how (and when) the song was made. Having such a hectic lifestyle I have been waking up and making music before sunrise to make sure there is time in the day for the creative goodness.

One thing is for sure, you can play the track any time of the day and it will always bring you a reason to smile.

posted by Nora
December 2021