“Clay” will show you the playful side of chillhop.

Produced in the Netherlands by Louk, the track started with a sample of Papi Thereso playing a clay pot like a drum. He actually recorded the synths for "Clay". The trumpet, which adds a wonderful cheerful nuance, was recorded in Austin, Texas by Howden.

Papi Thereso, Louk and Howden, whom you may already be familiar with, as we've featured quite a few tracks from their project Soul Food Horns, have managed to create an uplifting and relaxing tune, which will certainly help you breathe deeper and with a focus on the bright side of things.

After all, life is like a piece of clay - it's in your hands (pun intended) to shape it the way you want. And if it doesn't work as you thought it should, well, at least you got to play a lil'.

posted by Nora
September 2021