If you're into Asian type of lofi, you'll love this tune.

Crafted by pastels, who is an Australian female producer, the track is a really delicate and balanced treat, which will undoubtedly calm your senses and invite you in a garden full of flowers.

Based in Naarm/Melbourne, pastels is the brainchild project of Annie Bui: a producer, beatmaker, and instrumentalist. Playing the violin and piano since a very young age, it wasn't until one school trip to Los Angeles that she found herself in love with music production and had ultimately realized this with her foray into academia.

"Lost In Thought" reflects pastels' Asian heritage and you could recognize that she is very familiar with the violin and the keys by the way she managed to balance each element of the composition, which made the track sound quite polished and pleasing in terms of production.

And yes, you most probably will get totally lost in your thoughts, but in a nice and soothing way!

posted by Nora
November 2021