On our Discord server, we regularly host Feedback Sessions where we review and give feedback on the submissions we received. Last week Wednesday we had our 3rd edition and Pr4ntik's "and away she goes" with Refeeld was among the stand-out gems.

At first we're seduced by the exquisite atmosphere decorating the intro section, and without a moment's notice... We're beautifully surprised by how the track blossoms with its calming melodies and stellar drums. In fact, I was predominantly smitten by the rhythm section thanks to that amazing swing provide by the percussion and the frequent rim shots.

I recently been through my darkest times but it is all good now. I guess people can understand the feeling that I’m trying to portray with this EP of mine ‘stay one more night’. The intro song ‘and away she goes’ is heavily inspired from of my life situation back in time. I wanted to make something sad but not boring. I hope this makes up your day.

posted by Lu
May 2022