Last week I shared with you Brock Berrigan's out-of-the-box sound delight "Point Pleasant" which also happens to be the title of his new album which drops... well, today. Also, it's his first full length release on Chillhop Records (order limited edition vinyl or stream here).

There's another reason why I've been in a really good mood today - we're hosting the premiere of one of Point Pleasant's tracks - the soul-meets-gracefulness beat "The Waiting Game". It's the kind of track which would make you wanna go to a high school dance and slow groove with that special someone else. That soundtrack to a moment when nothing else matters. I hope that kinda makes sense? Anyhow. It's beautiful.

Personally, I find the masked producer one of the most interesting artists in the chillhop / beats world and there's plenty of reasons for that. If you want to get to know him better, check out our interview with Brock Berrigan from last year.

For the curious ones, Point Pleasant consist of 14 tracks, some of which we've featured before:

01. The Time Has come
02. The Look
03. Fax Machine
04. Split Decision
05. Point Pleasant
06. The Waiting Game
07. Joy She Brings
08. Baxter
09. In Love
10. Angel's Landing
11. Owl Farm
12. Smoke Break
13. Crossing Paths
14. Hazel Part 2
posted by Ivo
May 2017