NOVAA's gentle voice is no stranger to us at the Fox, but today things are somehow better. Honoured to host the premiere of her latest sound adventure titled "Lights" featuring producer & singer Lo.

I have to say - the guys are such a great fits, it feels like a full blown artist rather than just a one time collaboration. NOVAA's gorgeous vocals and Lo's touching, yet bassy/groovy production work are just... ahh, perfection.

Speaking of their collaboration, the 2 artists share:

"Lights" approaches the question if being in love means falling for someone else or falling for yourself and the person that the other one sees in you. The song captures the torn feeling of being madly in love with someone but also questioning it. When you fall for someone it’s always something that you are not in charge of.

It’s beautifully overwhelming but also scary and unpredictable. 

posted by Ivo
June 2017