I had no idea Wednesdays are such a great source of beats. It's been the absolutely fruitful day here at Stereofox.

After hosting the Chillhop's Summer Essentials sofasounds premiere, it's time to share with you another gem. We're teaming with our mates of Juicy Radio for the exclusive feature of a track from Pawcut's new album God's Plan (scheduled for 25th of this month).

"Spin Me Round" featuring the out-of-this-world Ella Mae is the 4th track of the album (pre-order vinyl from here). Pawcut is a relatively new name in my collection, but I had the pleasure of listening to the whole record and I must say - the German producer definite knows how to craft a evening / spaced out jazzy vibe. Superb production quality you can definitely feel in "Spin Me Round". His beats are pure perfection and allow Ella's gracious vocals to truly shine and pierce through the sound.

As I said before, God's Plan is officially out on via Juicy Records, but if you dig this - definitely grab the vinyl and support good music.

posted by Ivo
June 2018