2019's been a benchmark year for Belgian producer Thomas Schillebeeckx aka Poldoore. His June release Mosaic dialed it up for a satisfying slide right into the summer vibe with a fiery chapter of the ever-evolving Poldoore organic-electric sound. Fittingly so, Mosaic prompted a North American tour.

Now, with the winter afoot, his latest release dials it back for a journey into the stillness.

Still keeping the fire warm, though, Poldoore lays 2019 down softly with EP Forevermore. This release transmits a different frequency of the Poldoore spectrum, while seamlessly fusing live recorded instrumentals and synths over intricate beats. It's a balanced EP, which includes three solo tracks and three collabs from Ruck P, Nymano, Kupla and Frayhm.

Title track "Forevermore" featuring Finnish producer Kupla and Belgian producer Frayhm brings a light snowfall of atmospheric instrumentals drifting over calm winter night. This orchestration of synth accents, deep bass strikes, filtered piano and slight saxophone phrasing teases the affinity for stillness, while keeping the groove embers alive.

Stream Forevermore below:

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posted by Mike
December 2019