Leaving you to enjoy the weekend with this absolute gorgeousness.

I know Rachel Fannan from Kan Wakan's music and her joint piece with US folk artist Jacob Miller takes her angelic vocals to another level. I'm usually not the first person to ask about acoustic music but damn, this is stunning.

Telling the story of a missed connection and a romantic “could-have-been”, “Sacred Regard” shows two hearts finding chemistry over wine and conversation…. eventually finding comfort in longing for the one night they had together. Rachel shares:

Sometimes I come up with what I should have said at the moment months later when I'm writing a song about the person or situation. "Sacred Regard" is that look that falls over your face when the other persons not looking, and you're just tripping out on how beautiful they are.

The song is drenched in (sweet) nostalgia, on which Jacob elaborates:

Between the vocal harmonies, verb-ed out guitar textures, and lost-love themes, this song holds true to elements of songwriting and storytelling that are hard to find in the modern-day. “Sacred Regard” is a hauntingly sentimental tune that showcases both artists’ creative strengths in songwriting, storytelling, and creating captivatingly beautiful music.

The song comes with a touching live performance and it will surely melt you:

posted by Nasko
September 2021