Asha's Awakening is here and I'm happy to feature one of the sweetest tunes from Raveena's new album.

The singer is caressing our ears with every track on the project, but this one surely stole my heart with its delicate character. Raveena's inimitable gentle vocals are graciously situated on lush but subtle instrumentation.

Why do seasons have to change
Why does love grow, then burn to flames?
Why do people leave and die?
Endless summer now, one more time
Endless summer please, one more time

In "Endless Summer" the talented artist reflects on loss, touching the strings of our hearts not only sonically but also lyrically. The track is among the best songs on the album in my opinion, but since the release offers quite a diverse sound, I'd recommend you choose your own favourite:

raveena · Asha’s Awakening
posted by Nora
February 2022