After "Blue Moon Stone" and "Gold Leaf", it's time to present the fully-fleshed album by re os - REO MATSUMOTO.

Yotopia Stones is simply perfect for the beginning of summer - with the refreshing spirit of each track encapsulating the easiness of this season. This is what the Japanese beatsmith shares regarding the release:

Yotopia Stones is inspired by power stones (gems) – each song has a special meaning as a power stone does. I hope you discover Yotopia within yourself while listening to this album.

"Rainbow Fluorite" captures the groovy nature of the project, offering distilled jazzy vibes. For this track, Reo decided to collaborate with his mate miffrino - serving funky bass licks.

So, do yourself a favour, grab a cold drink of your choice and tap into the fantastic atmosphere of this album. Stream here.

posted by Nora
June 2022