This next gem is going to send your mind to some eerie, but powerful places.

Excited to share with you the new track Re:ebel's new 3-track EP Otherside - a one-of-a-kind fusion of future and UK garage electronica. This comes a few weeks after his upbeat "Carbonceramics".

"The title track introduces a gentler, more nuanced side to my production. Distant vocals and soft percs build under synth hits and lush pads, building to an eventual introduction of sub-bass, thumping kick, and fluttering arpeggio sequences, with the chopped, reverb-soaked vocals driving the track throughout.", shares Ryan.

Embarking on the creation of this EP, the Australian established a goal to encapsulate a specific element that fuels his musical passion. His objective was to craft three distinct songs, each exuding a unique vibe and mood, while eliciting a diverse range of emotions. I reckon he nailed it! It certainly leaves you wanting more.

posted by Ivo
February 2024