This is our 4th release with Refeeld & our 2nd with Komachi - I'm very happy we get to work with such great Japanese talents.

After we've teased with the single "Another Beginning", today their full Find New Roots EP is out. A tale about a first-time airplane traveler seeking a new home, the project is both nostalgic (leaving your past behind) & hopeful (for the future is bright). You'll find their signature blend of guitars & piano, as well as delicate beats that will guide you through your life journey.

“The main character is a first-time airplane traveler, and the story is about diving into the between from the starting point to the destination, seeing the hazy blue clouds from the plane for the first time, and searching for a new beginning at the destination.”, Refeeld shares.

"Next To You" catches your attention not only because it's the opening track but also due to the subtle use of vocal samples - something we don't often hear in lofi but when executed tastefully, it creates a gorgeous listening experience.

Make sure to stream / buy the full EP here.

posted by Nasko
April 2023