“Reflection” is the main song from Rezident’s EP Reflection, which dropped on June 29th. If you've been around, you might remember him with the cool remix of Parra for Cuva's "Ordel", which we featured earlier this year.

Rezident's new EP features the popular “Wellenlänge” and brand new tracks "Reflection" and “Resonate”. At once calming and energetic, the songs offer a dose of uplifting tranquillity: “Reflection” with its soundscapes of gorgeous melodies, “Wellenlänge” with its echoing impassioned vocal samples, and “Resonate” with its subtle yet intensifying instrumentation. The 22-year-old German producer shares:

For me, the Reflection EP is a more mellow and playful approach to music production. Even though I'm coming from an 'electronic' background, the focus was to feature acoustic sounding drums, basslines, etc. in each record.

Rezident’s desire for a more minimal and honest approach to track-producing is especially noticeable in “Reflection”. The track's dynamic body is garnished with sweet melancholic chords. The sound production is widespread and impeccable, providing a chilled emotional ground.

“Reflection” starts with some seagulls in the background, bringing a lively summer vibe. It creates an interesting impression of what could visually be described as if the observer and the doer are interchanging perspectives: in one moment you’re skating along the beachside, and then in the next all of a sudden you’re sitting at a faraway spot, witnessing everything going on 50 meters away – all the people, chilling on the beach; the kids, playing with sand; the dogs, running around; the surfers who bravely approach the waves – and you think to yourself: “Well, is this It?

In other words, a track to drift by to. Enjoy!

posted by Nora
July 2021