A truly dreamy experience.

So happy to finally present the full RiE MORRiS EP, called In My Dreams & produced by the one & only edbl.

The 4-song installment features the previous singles "Fantasy" & "What's On Your Mind (feat. James Berkeley)" and 2 new gorgeous tunes, including a feature from UK singer Jay Alexzander.

RiE shares, “I have to say this EP required a lot of effort as I want this to have features. There were several changes during the process, but both edbl and I are happy with where it landed. Working with top-tier UK artists (James Berkeley, Jay Alexzander) as my features have been amazing. It was such a great experience. edbl as a mediator made everything so smooth too. Even though it took a lot of time to put everything together, I believe it was definitely worth a wait. I love all four songs singing about the struggles or comfort of being a romantic relationship. I hope this EP will bring your day some new colors!”

All tunes have the marvelous vocals of RiE and edbl's warm compositions & captivating guitar lines. Make sure to check/buy In My Dreams EP in full here.

posted by Nasko
August 2023