Delighted to present you our 2nd release with the wonderful Dutch producer RINZ.

"Exomoon" is inspired by the mysterious aura of the Moon, which was so bright one night that triggered his imagination on different artistic levels.

Taking off with mesmerizing keys which indicate the touching nature of the track right from the start, “Exomoon” encapsulates the elegance of the Moonlight. The track is pleasantly warming with a subtle romantic flavour and stands out with soul-caressing harmonies and well-pronounced drums.

I made this song late, on a memorable night. The moon glowed above me and lit up the thin mist in the air around. I thought up a chord progression to match this mysterious aura. The unexpected brightness in the middle of the night surprised me. I needed to complement this dramatic night of inspiration with some impactful drums and layers of lush guitars. Does it get so bright often? It felt like I was on a different planet with 2 moons lighting up the night. With some more filtered synth notes and vintage organ sounds, the story of Ashley and Mark living on a multi-mooned planet was born.

Listen/get "Exomoon" from here.

posted by Nasko
last month