Elegantly slipping into a calming state with rocomoco's track "Into The Blue".

Atmospheric synths, gentle guitar licks, glittery keys and brass sprinkles turn the tune into the perfect companion for your relaxing break. The producers share:

When you are feeling blue you are more on the dark side of things. But this track wants to get you out there. It is a warm summer breeze. The open sky is showcasing its most eternal blue. This tune is an invitation to move on brave and with high hopes into a better and brighter future full of chances and beautiful opportunities.

"Into The Blue" is the title track from their first album, out now via Aviary Bridge Records. The album carries empowering positive vibes that breathe a dose of nostalgia with a healthy touch of melancholy. Explore it below:

rocomoco · Into the Blue
posted by Nora
November 2021