Riding the Soulection bounce wave today with our new label release - Rodney Hazard's Sandcastles EP! Driven by a “the world is my gem” mantra, the US artist channels the energy of being outdoors into his Stereofox debut Sandcastles. Indeed, the record is following a trip to Hawaii, which Rodney found absolutely magical. Honoring the spirit of the place, from mountains to the ocean, the track is a voyage into a different world.

A month ago we gave you a taste thank to "Lean Back", but today the New York-based producer and creative directors is back with full force. Get ready for 6 tracks that masterfully blend the alt r&b, afrobeats, future beats and alternative electronic scenes.

“This EP Sandcastles was inspired by my travels all over the world, but also came from the idea that we all were living out these exhausting lives before the pandemic. Everyone seemed to have thought we might of had it all figured out but the Sandcastles we’ve been building…in the air, in the sand, weren’t strong enough to handle the incoming tide. The tide represents all of the different things that have affected us individually in the past two years, the Sandcastle is me.", shares the artist.

Kicking off my day with "Taste" - one of the most mystic tunes on the EP. What I love about the track is the use of vocals to further enhance the synthwave meets future beats meets r&b groove.

posted by Ivo
February 2022