It's so rare if ever I've seen post-rock being listed alongside future garage and ambient music, but here we are. That glorious day has come.

Meet Catch the Rise - a US-based producer whose sonic vision we're experiencing right now. If you love spacious and dark sounds, then you're in for a treat. Back in August last year, he was approached by fellow Greenville artist Rögg Collins to remix one of his tracks.

The artist shares,

...I gave it a listen and thought that this is a very haunting track, not only with the hook itself but also the literal meaning of "can't get you 'off my mind".

So, I definitely wanted to play on that and maintain that haunting feeling while transplanting the song in a whole new sonic landscape. His take on it is a little more fun and light while mine is a little darker and deeper. I think the two juxtapose each other well and I wanted to be able to give the listener two distinct experiences. Being a new artist, this is my first remix and I am super grateful to Lucas for reaching out and asking me to collaborate. I felt like I have grown as an artist through this experience and I am really happy with the result.

Props to Zach Caraher who is the person behind this brilliant mastering.

posted by Ivo
January 2021