A glorious new entry from French electronic magician Rone!

"Ghosts" is an ambient journey, accompanied by a short movie - a stunning new work of art in the producer/composer's portfolio.

Crafted around an undulating, rhythmic core, Rone’s composition is a lesson in restrained, growing kinetic energy that builds carefully towards a final, exhilarating peak. The piece offers a captivating atmosphere with the slow buildup being highly dynamic and engaging. This brilliantly constructed sonic movement is matched by the physical movement of the dancers, who participate in the short movie.

Throughout his career, Rone has demonstrated an ability to combine his music with other art forms such as literature, photography, contemporary dance and motion picture. Hence this project is not a surprise, but just another proof of his skills.

The film follows pioneering dance collective  (LA)HORDE’S earlier collaboration with Rone on 'Room With A View' (the musician’s 2020 show at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris) and sees the dance collective extend their ongoing artistic exploration of uprising and rebellion through the lens of movement and dance. Set and filmed in the Fine Arts Museum of the Palais Lonchamp in Marseille, "Ghosts" was scripted by visionary filmmaker Spike Jonze - with such a creative team you can be sure the result won't disappoint.

posted by Nora
February 2022