That feeling when you shift gears into boss mode.

Leave it up to Denver-based guitarist and producer Ryan Mahrer to transmit those hype frequencies for such an occasion. His break-out release Symmetry EP hosted a heavy roster of collaborators, including Mr. Lif, Lily Fangz & Dylan Montayne on "Love's Taken It's Toll" to ProbCause and Alex Kish on "Hustle in the First Degree" to downtempo producer Nym on "Distaste".

This time, we get down to brass tacks with Ryan himself on self-composed selection "Do It Yourself". The experienced producer (and one half of electro soul duo Tortuga) takes us to his lab with a progressive track that unleashes a firestorm of synths. When in doubt, never hesitate to get it done on your own.

Stream Symmetry EP on Spotify below:

Stream Ryan Mahrer's Symmetry EP on all major platforms here.

posted by Mike
August 2019