“Mixed Signals” is the melodic branchild of Swiss producer S. Fidelity and singer-songwriter from Florida, NDO. This track has got that early sweet, soulful 2000s R&B vibe and I’m all here for it. 

NDO’s sensual and whispering vocals paired with the heavy drum loop make me nostalgic for slow jams. German producer Suff Daddy also hopped on the production of this track, which explains the catchy hip-hop beat. 

The text plays with the word signal, switching between meanings like,

“mixed signals got me falling in love // mixed signals… pick up the phone” 

and sung with a vocal echo in the chorus for that added soul vibe. 

The track was released with Jakarta Records and is the first of S.Fidelity’s upcoming album, Fidelity Radio Club. S.Fidelity has worked with Jakarta Records before, namely on his 2017 album, A Safe Place to Be Naked.

posted by Lora
February 2021