There's certain dreaminess in how busy a big city is, especially around the holidays.

Japanese producer Sachiho & keyboardist Kanzas-City tried to capture a day of life in NYC (or any other megapolis) with their latest project, and debut release with Stereofox - City Wildlife EP. It stems its title from the artists’ approach of using organic sounds & warm jazzy melodies juxtaposed with sound samples from the urban life & the classic NYC boom-bap aesthetic of the production.

The 4-tracker is built like a diary, with each song representing a different part of the day. The opener, and title track, offers delightful, bright jazzy melodies, subtle sampling, and a gorgeous drum groove for a great start of the morning.

The whole EP is a beauty, with also more relaxed jazzy lofi songs, make sure to check it out here.

posted by Nasko
December 2023