As someone who was practically raised on Jazz and is an enthusiastic fan of saib I've decided to revisit one of his early works, that about three years ago today, ignited my utmost admiration towards producers that incorporated anything that had elements of Jazz into their compositions.

Our beloved Casablancais' beatmaker sampled "Bom Motivo", a track from Brazilian singer and songwriter from Sao Paulo, Toco, from his 2007 album, Outro Lugar. I suppose that could explain the reasoning behind the title of the song but who knows, I'm just theorizing. Despite Toco's young age, he, likewise, is a passionate connoisseur as well as an admirer of original Bossa Nova from the '60s. All in all, it's a sensational Nu-Brazilian rendition with subdued hip-hop inspired touches.

posted by Zuli
February 2019