Looking for a new tune to boost your mood for a great start to the week? Don't worry, because I have the best fit for your personalized selection of music.

USA-based producer & multi-instrumentalist Destin a.k.a Signature D delivers the 2nd single of his 9-track LP The Inner Child, featuring the amazing sax of Daniel Ryan over a dusty beat, jazzy-psych elements, and soothing background vox. These two gents really know their craft, and 100% sure you won't disagree with me when you hear the authentic sound of Signature D and his top-notch production.

"Fortitude" is also for those who are really into the experimental side of chillhop / jazzhop & beats.

“Fortitude” is an expression of confidence, swagger, and a carefree vibe. When I am most confident, having a good body image/self-image day, this is how I feel and how it is expressed musically.” - shares Destin

Don't forget to check out the 1st single "Mental" which we featured earlier this month. Read here.

Listen to "Fortitude" here.

The full album comes out via Stereofox on February 20th and you can pre-save it here.

posted by Boris
January 2023