Signature D (aka Destin Beaumont) is a music maker whose style fuses luscious orchestral cinematic textures and beautiful harmonies with vibrant Rnb, hip hop and jazz influences to create varying musical soundscapes. As a young teen, he had been interested in how producers got their unique, specific sounds. One day, his church hosted a workshop which exposed him to Ableton Live. This gave him a glimpse into the world of music production. From that day, he became obsessed with trying to create his own sounds. He started with electronic music, aiming to create EDM. He published his first song on Soundcloud in 2016. From then he gained a small following and continued posting music on his Soundcloud. By 2018, He was able to get one song “Blue” published by a German record label, Big Mamas House Records. He continued posting music and began sharing his works to Spotify and other major streaming platforms. He began exploring other genres particularly Rnb, Pop and Lo-fi. At the same time, he had become heavily interested in cinematic scoring and rescored movies from the likes of “Interstellar”, “The Last Black man in San Francisco” and “Hereditary” and the video game, “Little Nightmares 2” for his senior recital which is available through the Stetson University School of Music YouTube Channel. This discovery of the cinematic and lo-fi pallet allowed him to merge the two genres together to make lo-fi unique. The product is his upcoming album, Duvet, available on all platforms on Oct 22nd.