Baltimore-based multi-instrumentalist & producer Destin, a.k.a Signature D, is back with a new lofi beats/jazzhop EP, entitled Nature's Bliss, where he continues to showcase his versatile sound & style as a multi-instrumentalist and producer, joined by incredible musicians and fellow school-mates from Baltimore.

For the last track "Nature's Voice" in the EP, he joins forces with saxophonist and producer Michael Gorlin. This delightful jazzhop tune features together groovy hip-hop beats, calm piano, soothing jazz melodies, and the soulful saxophone of Michael Gorlin. The keys and the masterfully performed saxophone create a perfect symphony of lightness and ease. It's a gorgeous piece of music, and the ideal chill pill to start your week with.

The EP offers 2 more tracks available for streaming on all DSPs, with two more tracks on the way to complete the EP, keep your eyes and ears peeled for more musical gems from the talented artist.

posted by Boris
August 2023