Happy Monday everyone! I am so stoked & beyond proud to announce Signature D's experimental beats/jazzhop 9-piece The Inner Child LP. An album that aims to reconnect the artist with his inner self. To heal from the past.

Baltimore-based multi-instrumentalist & producer Destin now joins forces with Swedish producer Torgny Elgstrand for the uplifting & playful focus track "Lucidity" - blending hip-hop beats, soulful vox, experimental electronica, and psych jazz elements, perfectly mixed all together.

“The Inner Child” is about healing from the past. It is about acknowledging past traumas and accepting that the journey of healing takes time. It is also about falling in love with the journey of healing and coming to a resolution that our emotions are valid, and when not ignored, we can really transform into a better version of ourselves.” - Signature D

”Lucidity" – Both me and the inner child begin on our journey. We explore different parts of ourselves and take them for what they are without judgment. I end up getting to know myself more and really enjoy it” - the artist also shares

Stream The Inner Child on your favorite streaming platform here.

posted by Boris
February 2023