It's hard not to have this track on repeat..For anyone who wants to be taken on an amazing journey and injected with an overwhelming dose of love and energy, that's the tune!

Skai Lounge once again outdid himself, delivering an electrifying house-driven piece. "This Is What I Wanna Tell You…" combines his passion for electronica with the influence of his African roots, to represent the essence of Afrofuturism.

The mixture of synth power and organic percussion made me wanna jump and dance while listening to this jam and I can only imagine how mesmerizing it would be to have it blasting in your ears during a live performance when you can also share this experience with others. Here's what the Cape Town-based producer shares, regarding his latest release:

Everything I put out last year had quite a deep narrative attached to it...But with "This Is What I Wanna Tell You..." there was one thing I kept in mind as I made it: "F*ck the story - I want VIBES VIBES VIBES VIBES!" I love being a storyteller but on here, the style and aesthetic is the substance. How this makes you feel is the most important thing to me, instead of getting a certain message across.

Well, he certainly achieved his goal! There is no need to describe with words something that can only be felt and enjoyed! So press 'play' and allow yourself to get fully immersed in this beauty!

posted by Nora
May 2022