While this zen beauty is from 2018, it the only track that fits what's going out outside of my window. Berlin has been on quarantine mode for about 2 weeks now and the streets are mostly deserted. It's been rather grim and the air feels heavy, but that changed for a moment. 5 minutes ago, the heaviest snow just started falling from the sky. I was actually listening to this in the background while working on something, but as soon as my mind got distracted from the whiteness outside I started pairing the sound and the visuals in my mind. Those 2 minutes and 59 seconds were a reason to love life right now.

The gentle acoustic sounds and tight, subtle beats make everything better. "morning rises" does feel like the right title for this track, as regardless of weather conditions outside - it is a melody to play in solitude while appreciating the world. I do miss sunrises in nature though.

Sleepy Fish, Philanthrope and mommy are 3 producers I follow, have featured and will forever love. Chillhop Fall Essentials 2018 - a tiny source of lofi happiness in unrest times.

posted by Ivo
March 2020