Warm guitar licks, gentle keys and airy vocal textures make up the blissful nature of "Last Moment", taken off So.Lo and Goson's brand new EP.

Released today on Stereofox, this project is a continuation of the producers’ work together. The collaborative nature of their connection stems from the fact that they share a common background, with both of them being touring and session musicians, as well as sound engineers. And what started as sending quick ideas back and forth between Sweden and Italy, grew into this beautiful release, that aims to take the listener on a journey of hopefulness and serenity. The producers share:

With dreamy landscapes, mostly driven by all kinds of guitar sounds and atmospheric keys, we believe that these songs will take the listener on a journey of hopefulness and serenity.

Starting with the serene “Last Moment” and ending with the smooth “Even After”, In Sounds offers a transition between a more active but still chilled spirit and an incredibly soft and moving atmosphere. Each track paints a different dreamy landscape, crafted with the help of delicate percussion, touching guitar licks and luscious pads. The subtle strings and elegant keys add a subtle classical flavour to the compositions, taking things to the next level and turning the EP into an outstanding lofi experience.

Stream the full EP here.

posted by Nora
July 2022