I've been following the sonic journey of Olivia Gavranich for years now and every time a new St. South pops on my radar, I know I'm in for something special.

Australian artist just released her anticipated 10-track debut album Get Well Soon, which she describes as "a soundtrack to self-empowerment". Today, I am excited to share with you the music video for stand-out track "RED". To describe the gentle lofi beats and her silky vocals as mind-blowing would be an understatement. The track is the ultimate form of zen. Speaking of the single, she shares...

Sometimes people we love don’t treat us how we hope they will. Sometimes we accept their love due to lack of love for ourselves. ‘RED’ is about realizing this very sentiment and mustering the strength to walk away from someone who doesn’t treat you how you deserve to be treated.

The music video features new style hip-hop dancer Diavion with his interpretation of the track. Watch + share the video below.

posted by Ivo
July 2020