A debut album by Steven Bamidele is great news, don't you agree?

Been covering the singer on Stereofox since 2017 but I fell in love with his music with "Lightning Fires" in 2019. And it's lovely to see an LP after a streak of singles & an EP in 2021 when he signed to Tru Thoughts.

Summing Up is a collection of 9 songs, including the previous singles that we covered "Kaleidoscope", "Dark Sense Of Humour (Farfisa)", and "Sitting In The Dark". This album serves as a profoundly intimate and introspective venture for Steven, where he uses lyrical exploration as a means of self-healing.

Throughout the tracks, he delves into themes of racial identity, familial bonds, and self-discovery, as well as subjects ranging from his upbringing to his battles with mental health and his connections with loved ones. Steven delivers a truly intimate & transparent project in which everyone can find something for themselves - and ultimately connect with the singer.

I chose to show you "Misunderstood" because of its melancholic tinge & the blues guitars which work so well with Bamidele's voice. But I recommend diving into the full record, it's such a bliss.

posted by Nasko
September 2023