Sublab is an artist that needs no introduction; he has been a figurehead of the hardwave movement almost since it's inception. However, the German producer initially made his name producing future garage, a sound that he returns to with his latest track "Anything For You".

Sublab's classic electronic sound palette finds it's way into the intro almost immediately. The soft piano is layered with synthy pads, establishing their influence on the atmosphere of the track. This atmosphere is bright yet somewhat melancholic, a feeling that is only enhanced by the vocal cut that initiates the drop.

Now I'd do anything for you,
go through all this pain...

Sublab - Anything For You

As the bassline hums away underneath, the original vocal sample is cut and sliced to emphasise the meaning of the chosen section. The voice sounds like it's calling out, a slight tremolo making the words sound almost desperate in their message. Indeed, the pads that swell around the listener bring with them a certain aching sadness that matches and enhances this tone.

posted by Rob
March 2021