Our love for Subsets dates all the way to 2014 and I have to say for me personally is always great to see some of those early artists and how much they've developed over time.

Drawing inspirations from deep house, future garage, ambient and chillstep music, the UK-based producer has created something gorgeous and really subtle. "Lunar Light" is as gentle as music could be. Definitely something to listen to on your own. On his SoundCloud, he shares...

I wrote this track late at night a few weeks ago whilst I was taking a break from working on album and EP stuff. Was refreshing to work on something new after working on the same tracks for so long and because of that it all came together in just a few days. It probably sounds a bit rough around the edges compared to most of the other upcoming tracks, but honestly felt nice to make something and release it straight away without obsessing over details and imperfections for once. For those same reasons I'll probably end up hating it and not wanting to listen back to it again, but hopefully someone can get some enjoyment out of it.

Man, I surely did, so thank you.

posted by Ivo
October 2019