How about something fresh, infused with groovy vibes and the sweetness of Summer? The North Carolina singer/rapper Tanajah invites is to “Paradise” with her latest release.

The track is a manifestation of Tanajah's ability to invite the listener into her neo-soul infused hip hop universe where positivity, self-empowerment and good vibes rule. The bouncing neo-soul beat, accompanied by Tanajah's combination of soulful singing and slick bar dropping, make it hard not to groove along to these summer vibes.

Going a bit deeper into the meaning of the single, Tanajah explains: "Paradise to me is about finding the love of your life and wanting to run away to bliss with them. To be with the one person who brings peace to you."

Together with the single, the talented artist announced an upcoming EP, which is to be released on the Danish record label, Blikflak. I’m certainly looking forward to that, and knowing Tanajah's desire to spread good vibes through music, the EP is gonna be something not to miss out on!

posted by Nora
September 2021