The innovation inside of beat production seems to come down to what sounds are compatible, genre aside, with producers digging tirelessly for samples to get that perfect match. By making the details truly count with samples, it seems to redefine the entire equation of how music is made and processed by our minds.

You'll find a tasteful mash of jazz, hiphop, and electonric beats from a producer we recently discovered under the moniker .tetsuo. I think if you like the sounds of Bonus Points, then this is a sound you'll definitely jive with.

His recent compilation entitled Don't Flip This At Home opens with a beat called "Old Candy". This one brings piano and double bass samples under some sticky, shuffled beat composition effectively giving your coffee shop that hiphop flavor. You'll discover thoughtful (and humorous) sample placement throughout the Don't Flip This At Home compilation. Also just a solid set of tunes to just kick it to, so that's always nice.

Stream that compilation joint here:

posted by Mike
January 2018