Jam bangers like this electrify signals in the air and in the mind. Sometimes, our human vibrancy settles and matures, but then tracks like this stir feels up a bit to get The Groove back again. The Floozies forge a classic 80s Electro Funk synth sound with more modern percussion, bass sounds and then throw down some amazing guitar riffs in between. This one's topped-off with words of Chi-City lyricist ProbCause with the tempo and a tight lyrical cadence delivering an impact to get that funky feeling.

ProbCause finds pathways to lay down wisdom in many of his tracks. I respect this guy for the empathetic vibes he's always injecting in his flows -- he's with you and not above you. That always feels nice when it boils down something more... human. Add a little party vibe and it's time to funkin' GO.

I was lucky enough to catch some of The Floozies at Electric Forest Weekend 1 this year and it was a special episode in the Funk Parade that was Electric Forest. It was an afternoon set at Ranch Arena... Here's a taster that I captured:

posted by Mike
September 2017