The Forever Now are shooting for the stars with a new dreamy offering for all indie lovers.

Delicate instrumentation, gentle vocals and touching lyrics turn this release into an enchanting journey. And if you’ve ever experienced the loss of parting ways with someone too soon, then you know what this song is about. Some people get on the train–others are still standing at the station - this was what The Forever Now’s Montgomery de Luna was feeling when he penned their latest single “Lover’s City”. Joined by Danish singer-songwriter Trine Lyngvig, the two weave together rich harmonies that tell a story of loss and longing.

With a more narrative structure, cues from indie folk music, and attention to vocal harmonies,
the song certainly opens a new chapter in The Forever Now’s body of work, so stay tuned.

The Forever Now · Lover's City (feat. Trine Lyngvig)
posted by Nora
August 2022