When we first heard "Tribute", a collaboration by The Funk Hunters and CMC & Silenta, we were pulled in by a heavy gravity of blues and electro. A flawless co-orchestration from across countries, "Tribute" remains one of our 2020 anthems.

Now, electro-funk & soul veteran Manic Focus has entered the conversation. His sample mind gets busy extracting fine details, like the intro built on a hard-to-miss acoustic sample from the original. The EDM-infused funk & soul artist then drops us into his boom-bap bonanza complete with the clever wobbles and swells of sub-bass on which he's built his brand.

While The Funk Hunters, along with Germany's CMC & Silenta, brought a wave of electro-blues abrasions, Manic Focus softens it with soulful electro hip hop flow.

Give both a listen below:

Stream/Buy Manic Focus's remix of "Tribute" by The Funk Hunters and CMC & Silenta here.

posted by Mike
September 2020