|Deviate" by Australian outfit Tora is a piece of art that’s bound to stir up an assortment of thoughts as you listen. Lyrically the track is ‘somewhat’ profound, yet the vocal performance delivered by front man 'Jo Loewenthal' comes across as very spiritual. That deep voice doesn’t just grab your attention; your soul is taken for a ride too during this spellbinding sermon.

The spiritual element in Jo's voice isn’t the only reason I used the word ‘sermon’. Throughout the genesis of "Deviate" you’ll notice like the three wise men Tora carry a message with them. “Let’s deviate” is a phrase that is repeated multiple times on the track, and right after “alleviate” to symbolize the feeling of ease and freedom received from straying away from the structures which keep us immobile, plus, the feeling of genuine human connection. Usually when artists carry messages parallel to this, it’s very easy to be perceived as being ‘preachy’. Honestly Tora have done a great job at having the ability to be inspiring without reeking of ‘preachiness’.

Instrumentally, the track is quite sparse, particularly during the verses. Delicate piano melodies, a light pad and catchy guitar riffs spread their colors during the chorus, but even then our attention is still captured by the vocals. Jo goes off into this melodious cry and if there was a section in the track someone would remember, it would definitely be the gorgeous harmony between the instrumentation and this melodious cry. Below you’ll find the music video for "Deviate" and how all these themes are translated visually.

posted by Lu
March 2019