One of the catchiest & most unorthodox tunes I ever found was this year and it's thanks to Noy Markel - "Sometimes" completely threw me off with its blend of indie pop, r&b, and neo-soul, and the unexpected turns & twists the song took.

So glad she's back with another tune. "Antidote" instantly reminded me of Arlo Parks - delicately floating vocals, dreamy synths and captivating production (all thanks to Tim Atlas, once again). It captures the essence of a world where relationships often encounter power imbalances and unequal dynamics, while simultaneously bringing a message of empowerment & self-worth.

"When I wrote "Antidote," I was really reflecting on my own experiences with toxic relationships and the ways in which we can sometimes allow ourselves to be undervalued or taken for granted. I wanted to capture that feeling of frustration and helplessness, but also the strength and resilience that comes from realizing your own worth. Ultimately, I hope this song serves as a reminder that we all deserve to be treated with love and respect, and that it's never too late to take control of our own lives and find the antidote to what's been holding us back.”, Noy shares.

I'm delighted to premiere the official music video of "Antidote", which carries her already signature dreaminess & fairytale-like aesthetics:

posted by Nasko
June 2023